Wednesday, August 04, 2004

the decisive moment...

source: magnum photos.

"To take a photograph is to hold one’s breath when all faculties converge in a face of fleeing reality. It is at that moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy."

"To take a photograph means to recognize – simultaneously and within a fraction of a second– both the fact itself and the rigorous organisation of visually perceived forms that give it meaning."

"It is putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis."


Anonymous said...

I love that you linked Lance's book to the CPL!

You Rock!!!

How is it I've been thinking about reading it?

bubba said...

hi! i like linking to the library. it reduces commercialism and the need to needlessly kill trees. moreover, weasels at indigo and amazon really don't need help filling their coffers. support your local bookshops instead... as for lance's book, stay tuned for the review... thanx.