Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whale Shark Haiku - Atlanta Aquarium

My bro was in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Just happened he was at the Aquarium and snapped this pic of Rhincodon typus for BTOG. Thanks goig!

Whale Shark Haiku

Gentle giant shark
Much too large for a fish bowl
Run Whale Shark run

Whale Shark Fun Facts

It is a shark, but is not a whale.

Largest shark/fish in the world.

Largest confirmed whale shark is 12.65 m or 41.5 feet.

Heaviest confirmed whale shark ever: 36 tonnes or 79,000 lbs.

Out in the wild they live approximately 70 years.

The are filter feeders, preying on mostly plankton.

Their mouths are up to 6 feet in width.

The Taiwanese call them the tofu sharks because of the taste and texture of their meat.

In the open ocean, whale sharks are clocked at an average 5 km/h swimming speed.

Whale sharks give birth to live offspring (ovoviviparous).

There are about 16 whale sharks held captive in aquariums around the world.

Their numbers are decreasing and are classified as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Source: Wikipedia

My friend Aubrey has just completed is fantastic, yet epic, trans-African journey. He had the mind blowing experience of snorkeling with whale sharks off the coast of Mozambique.

Check out his blog and his search for the vaunted whale shark.


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It's so fun watching large fish species swimming in a large aquarium. I do love taking pictures of them too. Thanks for sharing!

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