Sunday, November 26, 2006

out again...

just came back from the Cape Cross Fur Seal Reserve.

i smell like seal urine.

got some great pix of seals, seal pups, and alot of seal fights. i wish you could see them.

i'll be gone for the next few days. i'm going to the great game reserve of Etosha National Park. Hopefully, i'll smell like elephant, lion, rhino, or if i'm lucky maybe cheetah/leopard.

talk again soon.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

hello from here...

hello my friends:

long time no write. i've been traveling for a long time now.

the internet is not as efficient in africa.

briefly, i was in the kalahari desert for the first 5 days in a huge park in north west S. Africa. lots of interesting animals. hot as hell. temperatures hovered around 38 C during the day.

from the kalahari, we sped straight to the namib desert in Namibia. it was even hotter there. the last day the temperature hovered around 41 C. damn that's hot. it was worth it though. the sand dunes were outstanding. we went to a place called dead vlei. surreal. it's a dry lake bed with scattered dead creepy trees.

finally, i'm writing from the atlantic coast in the town of swakopmund, namibia. how can i describe it? it's sort of like the banff of namibia but like germany. it's freezing here at 20 C. kind of a tourist trap. good german food though...

many many german tourists here in namibia. not surprising, since it was a german colony in WWI. but, hell, that was way back in WWI! there's more germans here than in germany. nice folks though. did i mention i had a really swell time in frankfurt on the way to Jo'burg?

continuing on the "journey of bleakness" tomorrow. this time it's to Cape Cross, home beach of a bazillion sea lions.

will try to download a pic someday. the internet speed is just 128 kbps...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

upington, SA


here in upington, SA. renting a 4X4 to find meerkats in kgalagadi national park.

no floaty pens yet.

big electrical storm last nite.

no luggage.

slept in car last nite.

fun, fun, fun.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hello from south afrika

well, i'm here.

quickie notes;

there are many more blek folks here than in canada.

it must be 31 C. hot.

i'm fulfilling my dream of traveling lite. they lost all my luggage.

i'm looking for a floaty pen.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

just use your imagination...or, i have a plan...

a quickie note.

by popular demand, here's the plan that will take me around the world.

Friday, November 03, 2006

caddyshack 3.

here's your youtube moment of the week.

re: gainer the gopher...

i think this kerfuffle over "Gainer" (or is it "Gaynor"?) the gopher, mascot of the saskatchewan roughriders of the canadian football league (info for my abundant overseas readers), being banned from the green (yet fake) acreages of mcmahon stadium for the playoff game between the said 'riders and my beloved calgary stampeders, is ridiculous.

it's a party for gad sakes!!! bring it on!! the people, calgary or saskatchewan fans, have paid big bucks for pretty mediocre football this year. they demand entertainment.

for the luv of god, this is not the NFL (No Fun League)!!

if perchance gainer starts digging holes in the turf, i will personally rush onto the field and fill them in.

i will not apply the garden hose though... i'm a closet buddhist.


my predictions for the first round of the 2006 Grey Cup playoffs.

the west.

1. Gainer will make an appearance ON the field. This was just a publicity stunt.

2. Gainer will be triumphant in all this. there's no such thing as bad publicity.

3. Calgary by 3 (low scoring game) without Gainer.

4. Saskatchewan by 2 (with Gainer). last second tie breaking safety when a stampeder player is taken down by an asian guy who appears to be filling in a gopher hole in the endzone.

the east.

i'd like to say the winnipeg blue bombers. it's difficult to win if you don't have a quarterback though.

i'll say the toronto argos by 7 but hope for an upset.