Monday, February 07, 2011

Biking It Down The Pan American...

(L. to R.) Bob, Jason on Montreal in the Baha Peninsula. (photo courtesy of Jason)

This is my good friend, Jason.

I first met him in Cairo at the venerable Dahab Hostel on Talaat Harb (a stone's throw from Midan Tahrir). I'd been hanging there for a least a couple of weeks beforehand, chillaxing from a long haul overland journey from South Africa. The Dahab was just what the doctor ordered: a large population of cats and motley crew of international wasters/guests in search of adventure.

Jason and I teamed up and headed out west to the Oasis of Siwa, an improbable, tiny patch of palm trees clinging for dear life in the Great Sahara Desert.

While in Siwa, we spent days under a baking desert sun, throwing back gallons of ice cold, sickly sweet cane juice, climbing the ruins of Shali, swimming in pools of cool spring water, and endless bike rides through forests of date palms.

(L. to R.) Jason, Tomo, Robbie... cycling amongst the salt marshes of Siwa.

Little did I know back then that Jason was really serious about his biking.

Currently, he's biking down Central America on his bike Montreal, volunteering, couchsurfing, and hangin' out along the way.

Check out his blog, Biking It.

You won't be disappointed.

He'll have you coming back for more.

His prose is insightful, yet hilarious. I liken him to a modern day, Seinfeldian Renaissance Man on two wheels.

Very refreshing read...

While you're there buy him a taco.

Or check out the coffee table book he's published about his adventures so far, Me, Montreal & Bob.