Monday, July 07, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - These boots were made for walking. That's just what they'll do. Or, that's a wrap!

Ornery beast of the desert on the Saqqara Necropolis...

With every camel comes a tout...

The deed is done. I'm going to Bangkok on the 9th. As always with these things, it happened pretty quickly with the tix.

The tix is for 2315 arriving @ 1155.

I suspect there's gonna be another big culture shock when I arrive.

Africa's been a lot of fun. A lot has been written particularly about the bad times but the good experiences have far outweighed them.

But briefly, I'm very happy with the trip so far.

It's been a great challenge.

I'll certainly remember the people I've met along the way.

It's time to move on...

Out of Canuckistan: A travel blog, July 7/07
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - I can see clearly now but there's still obstacles in the way...

Street scene #2 in Alexandria...

Boy #5 in Alexandria...

Inordinate amounts of time in front of the computer.

I've come to the conclusion that whatever decision I make I will miss out on something.

Don't get me wrong. They are all positive options. Probably the most important consideration is the ability to travel again once back home. Ideally I can go home to recharge my psychological batteries then quickly get back on the road.

Damn the year 1994. Yes, 1994!! The travel bug hit me hard.

I could turn into a wasta. [ed. note: a wasta is one who wanders the globe aimlessly for all eternity.]

How bad could that be?

In other news, I picked up my new eyeglasses. Not bad for USD 43.

Now I can see across the street!

Out of Canuckistan: A travel blog, July 5/07
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Friday, July 04, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - Mr. Dithers strikes again!!!

Boy #4 in Alexandria.

Fruit Dude #2 in Alexandria.

More research today. More confusion. The number of permutations and combinations on air routes is mind boggling.

Finally bought a new pair of eyeglasses. They are of the plastic moimy variety. It's a new look for me. Sally and Richard were nice enough to act as impartial opticians. Looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks.

More internet work tomorrow. Must analyze the Ryanair world. No that's really exciting...

Must make up my mind.


Out of Canuckistan: A travel blog, July 4/07
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille...or Pyramids, Pyramids, Pyramids...

What's a visit to Cairo without seeing the Pyramids of Giza? Well, this time I didn't. But, I did dig up some ancient photos (c. 1994 AD). Thanx to Steve for scanning the slides... Yes, back in archaic times I took slide film pix. Yikes. Btw, that's the Pyramid of Khafre in the back and the Great Sphinx in the foreground.

I can't believe the Great Pyramid just received "honourary" status in the "new" 7 wonders of the world. That's kind of a joke. Just my opinion, but other tourist sites like Petra kind of pale in comparison in both physical and spiritual stature. If you haven't done so, put the pyramids on your bucket list now...

Times are a changing on the plateau. I heard rumours that they put a chainlink fence around the pyramids at Giza. There's your modern day asthetic for you... All in hopes of keeping out the touts (eg. extremely annoying camel toting/perfume shop salesmen such as my friend in the picture above). 3 thoughts come to mind: 1) since my first visit in circa 1994 AD, present day tourists have gone soft, if the authorities in the antiquities think they need protection from the touts; 2) if the antiquities office wants to protect the integrity of the site they should first remove the large population of plastic shopping bags clinging to the sides of one of mankind's greatest architectural wonders; 3) the extremely annoying touts are just trying to make a living. Excluding them will just lower the value of the pyramids in the eyes of Egyptians. You have to get the Egyptian peeps behind the project...

I'm very depressed.

3 hours on the net today and nothing done.

A one way ticket to Seoul is 520 Euros. How can Koreans afford to fly home? Vietnam seems to be alot of work. The 'Stans seem a world away. The Asian route seems like a trip in in itself.

To top it off, Couchsurfing seems clique-ish.

I love this predicament.

There are no easy ways out.

Out of Canuckistan: A travel blog, July 2/07
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - Ground Day for the last time...

Midan Talaat Harb at night...

Back in the Big City. It's so different here compared to Dahab. So different. So vibrant. So many people. Nobody cares who you are.

[Ed. note: in retrospect, Dahab was beautiful spot. Despite me ragging on a the touts, I had to put the whole situation in perspective. They were just doing their jobs annoyingly well. They were just trying to put food on the table, taking care of their families...and being as annoying as possible at the same time.]

It's nice to be here (despite getting a dumpy room at the Dahab Hostel).

The bus ride today was pretty horrific. Did the whole trip from Dahab to Cairo in one shot. Long day was made longer by the driver tinkering with the entertainment system. For the last 3 hours he put over the PA a ranting cleric who preached about everything under the sun. I think I heard random words like internet, virus, and attack.

I'm dead tired. Here's the plan for tomorrow: 1) check the AUC bookstore for titles, 2) hit the internet, 3) go buy some glasses.

PS. Sally and Richard were on the same bus... Mo' stayed in Dahab. What a wasta... He owes me money...

Out of Canuckistan: A travel blog, July 1/07
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