Wednesday, August 31, 2005


What Famous Leader Are You?
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is stealing a 38 inch plasma tv from walmart or your neighbours house "necessary" looting?

why do people insist on living in florida, louisiana, alabama and mississippi?

who would fire a gun at a chinook helicopter trying to rescue them from a natural disaster?

who would start a gunfight in a makeshift emergency shelter like the new orleans superdome?

is new orleans in iraq?

if gas prices go up because of bad news, do they go down because of good news?

when was the last time you heard good news on the news?

why do iraqi shia muslims insist on celebrating religious holidays in large assemblages?

why do most muslims on pilgrimages die either on bridges or stampedes?

how do i get 2 hours back after viewing "the 40 yr. old virgin"?

do you feel like beethoven or hank williams tonite? (hint: famous tom phillips song)

why do birds suddenly appear...?

definition of separation of church and state: when pat robertson, as a political pundit, says the cia should assassinate the president of venezuela on his "hour of power" christian tv show.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

it'd be autumn soon...

it was a rare week day meeting of bikeclub... a beautiful day around the reservoir and FCP.

dave, watch that hole!!!

potentially a new mofo hill on the south end...

more photos at the official bikeclub website...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

fun on the strip, part three...

in my endless search for the most tacky and cheesy i found these life size bald eaglets in the bellagio hotel. i think a larger than life liberty bell is nearby. this is the same hotel with the gigantic water fountain/pool (that took half of the colorado river to fill) that plays in synchronicity to patriotic music. (note: something's got to be done about those tan lines, eh).

where else in america can you find, in the same intersection, paris, venice, and a roman palace...? maybe disney world...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

fun on the strip, part two...

these folks seem mesmerized with the "erupting" volcano in front of the mirage hotel. people!! it's just a mirage. i wish i could of recorded the canned jungle noises for you...

another pic of ghost-like fellow tourists taken while i was waiting for the eruption. i like taking pix like these as you've already noticed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

fun on the strip, part one...

it's incredible how dumb i am sometimes.

in a quest to find the cheesy-est of the cheese on the strip i came across a sign overlooking a large pool of water (with a pirate ship at the opposite side). it marked the home of the "sirens of TI" show (one of a few freebie "shows" on the strip").

"what was TI", i thought...? was it an obscure greek letter? or, maybe TI stood for texas instruments? yah, that's right. when the sirens call, i'll feel like calculating the square root of 32...

doh... TI stands for treasure island, one of the huge resort-type hotels trying to out do its competition in over-the-top outrageousness.

fellow tourists sure liked packing it in for the show. i guess i'm not the only one who liked free things.

ultimately, you get what you pay for... suffice to say, i didn't pay much to attention to the plot of the sirens' story. something about a ship full of hot, scantily-clad girls being taken over by a ship full of bad boys. at no time did i hear a siren call. so much for bringing a calculator.

i liked the 'splosions...

to see the show, we had to arrive a half hour before to reserve spots. otherwise, we'd find ourselves watching from halfway across las vegas blvd. not a pleasant thought considering the idiot taxi drivers in this town. ok, i'm rambling... moments before the performance started these two girls in front of us were artifically elevated. not only were the sight lines blocked, i was forced to observe one of their butt cracks (girl to the right) for the duration of the ten minute show. normally i won't object, but for the love of god i traveled 2000 km and lined up early as well to see the sirens... damn.

Monday, August 15, 2005

do not try this at home...

GPS data (las vegas to calgary by car) - august 11/12, 2005

2077 km

average speed
111.8 km/h

overall average speed with stops
83.7 km/h

max. speed
135 km/h

stopped time
06 hrs. 13 mins. 08 seconds.

moving time
18 hrs. 35 mins. 01 seconds.

total time on the road
24 hrs. 48 mins. 09 seconds.

max altitude
2109 m/6920 ft. (N44 33.351 W112 18.617 - Interstate 15 Montana/Idaho boundary)

lowest altitude
492 m/1516 ft. (N36 39.872 W114 33.995 - I15 at Glendale, Nevada)

max in-car temp.
43 C

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Monday, August 01, 2005


(l to r) gina, dave. reaching the far north along the nose creek pathway, we apparently took the wrong turn. no biggie, eh... slight detour through a trailer park and we were on our way. note the deerfoot trail and beddington blvd in the background. mo pix here.

damn it was hot yesterday. 31 C. well, at least hot for calgary anyway...

the heat didn't deter the latest meeting of bikeclub though.

it was a really fun route (est. 69 km) despite the roasting. starting at dave and gina's we made our way north through the usual paths, linking up with the nose creek pathway to beddington blvd, then climbed steadily to the foot of nose hill where we turned south. via confederation park, we would make for home.

damn it was hot. the positive aspect of biking is the self-induced breeze. it keeps it somewhat cool. however, i think it's a deceptive cooling. the heat took it's toll. i chugged at least 4 litres of water and other fluids along the way (maybe that and more after the ride).

we stopped at a safeway along the way for drinks. best part was sticking my ass in the stand up freezers (don't worry, i didn't touch anything).

well, on the way home, i powered down while gliding through confed. park. we took a break. i collapsed on the ground, bugs crawling all over me. that was a good break...

i didn't feel so swell from there on. the heat made me feel like hurling.

weird. i kept on pedaling. i kept on drinking, eh. it's amazing how much i can drink without exploding. ok, i went to the washroom at the marda loop mac's. it's always good to drink enough to pee.

got to dave and gina's. i collapsed on their couch. mmm...ceiling fan... i knocked back a couple of cokes and more water. they cooked home made pizza. delish. we watched the amazing race 2 on the game show network.

thanx gina. thanx dave.